Official: Mkhitaryan misses in the Europa League final for security reasons

Arsenal has announced that Henrikh Mkhitaryan will be missing in coach Unai Emery's chosen team for facing Chelsea in the European League final, which will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 29.

Lastly, it was reported about the dangers that could arise to Armenian Henrikh Mkhitaryan if he was traveling to Baku, due to the political tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The club's leaders have now announced that they will not risk the player and he will not be part of the team that will travel to Azerbaijan on May 29th.

"We are very disappointed to announce that Henrik Mkhitaryan will not travel with our team in the Europa League final against Chelsea," he said in a statement released by Arsenal.

"We have reviewed all options for Mick to be part of the team, but after talks with Mick and his family, we have jointly decided not to travel with the team."

"We have written UEFA about our great concerns for this situation. Micki has been a very important player on our way to the final so this is a big loss for us. "

"We are also upset that a player will miss the big European finals because of such circumstances as this is something in which a player rarely happens in a career."

"Micki will train with the rest of the team until we leave for Baku at the weekend."

Mkhitaryan has made a total of 11 appearances in this season of the European League. In these games, he has contributed with three aces.

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