Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid

Sociedad vs Madrid 

Sociedad no longer has a chance to compete in the Europa League when the Basque team has lost 6 to 8 points and La Liga has only 2 matches left to close. Back to the match tonight, Sociedad returned to his home field to host the big Real Madrid. In terms of rank and quality of the squad, coach Imanol Alguacil has a lower level than the Madrid team. However, looking at the current form (winning all 2 recent matches in La Liga) and adding home advantage, Sociedad is still highly appreciated by experts.

Reminds more, Real Madrid has no more motivation to strive. After 36 games have been kicked, teachers and coaches Zidane owns a total of 68 points and almost 99% hold the 3rd position due to poor team ranked 2nd Atletico to 6 points. Need to know, Los Blanca's is not a name that can be trusted when playing away from home at the present time. Specifically, they have just had a 4-match away game and only lost in La Liga. About investors to note, in the first leg of this season, Real Madrid lost to salt face with the score 0-2 right on the Bernabeu stadium before Sociedad.

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