Stoke City vs Sheffield United

This is the final round of the Championship this season. 2 direct promotions and 3 relegation orders are available. In addition to the 3 clubs competing for top 6: Derby County, Middlesbrough and Bristol, this round is just a round of procedures between teams.

Sheffield United has had a surprisingly successful season. After 45 rounds they won 2nd place with 88 points. Regardless of the outcome of this round, the following season they will still be able to play in the highest tournament in the country.

Sheffield United can absolutely win the championship if they win in this match and Norwich lose in the remaining match. Recently, like most of the season, The Blade played well and won the last 7/10 matches. On away field, they also won to the last 4/6 matches.

Stoke have a season that is not too bad but it is not necessarily good. They can rank 16th on the rankings with 54 points earned. Certainly a match of the match today is no longer meaningful for the team of red and white striped shirt. But if you look at the recent performance, the home team is showing a breathlessness and a spirit of not trying.

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