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Sunderland vs Portsmouth

Sunderland - Portsmouth 
Football : EFL League One 
Saturday (11 May) 18:30 (GMT 0) 

Analysis showed that Sunderland's last 4 matches at home have a maximum of 2 goals or less. Therefore, the possibility of a high match on the Stadium of Light only has at most 2 goals to be scored.
Confrontation history shows that in the last 5 matches in the Stadium of Light, the coach's team won 2 draws 2 lost 1, 3/5 matches with at most 2 goals scored, in 2 times closest visit Portsmouth draw 2. Calculating 11 games against the past, Sunderland won 1 draw 4 lost 6, 6/11 matches ended with less than 3 goals scored, only 4 times against Sunderland Draw 3 lose 1.M

Sunderland did not win the last 7/10 matches, not winning the last 4/5 matches. On the home side, coach Jack Ross's team won the last 5/10 matches, not winning the last 3/5 matches.
Portsmouth have won 6/10 recent matches, not winning the last 3/5 matches. Away from home Portsmouth won 5/10 recent matches, winning the last 4/5 matches. 

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