Swansea City vs Derby County

Swans vs DCFC 

With 63 points in hand, Swansea has been in the middle of the league, they have no chance of reaching the top of the play-off competition and not having to worry about long-term safety. But for Derby County, the outcome of this war is important. Derby County is currently ranked 6th - the final rank to play a promotion play-off, but only more than the opponent behind in the difference.
Based on the current situation, Derby County is the team that is determined to win higher, because if they win 3 points in this match, the ticket to play the promotion play-off series will almost certainly belong to them. The problem to note at the meeting today between the two sides is the Asian rate. Despite being on home turf but Swansea was only ranked on par with the guests, even in some ways they were the lower door. 
Such handicap level is Swansea's setback compared to the past. Remember all three of the latest Derby County meetings, Swansea has a minimum of 1/2. Moreover, in the context of "swans" that have been unbeaten in the last 10 home rounds (7 wins), it is clear that today's rate shows that the house is looking down on them. In fact, Derby County played unimpressed on away field, but was highly appreciated.

It is important to know that Derby County only won 1 / 9th of the nearest home away, in addition to 3 recent landings on Liberty, Derby County did not win (draw 2, lose 1). From here, we can see that the handicap level that the listed house today is clearly unusual, and therefore Derby County is really bright in this meeting.

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