Tottenham vs Everton


A few days ago, Tottenham had a spectacular comeback in Ajax to win tickets to the Champions League final against Liverpool in June. In the Premier League, Pochettino's men have also secured a place in the top 4. Currently the Rooster is fourth with 70 points, 3 points higher than Arsenal and more than the sub-index. So even when losing to Everton in this match, at the same time Arsenal won the match at the same time, they still finished their season in 4th place because the +8 difference was too difficult for the Gunners to level up. in just 1 match.
Tottenham will have some physical disadvantages because they don't have much time to relax after the big game in the Champions League semi-final with Ajax. Moreover, they will not have Son Heung Min's service in the next match due to suspension. But this does not affect too much because in the 38 round match, coach Pochettino will definitely take the initiative to keep the game for the more important in the Champions League final on June 2 here. With a comfortable game and no pressure on the score, the reserve players or young talents will be given the opportunity. Moreover, Tottenham can also play on their home turf, where they won 4/6 times to pick up the last guests, while keeping clean all 4 matches.

On the other side of the line, Everton won 53 points after 37 rounds and is in the 8th position. The season of the blue shirt team is considered to have ended and they have no goals to aim for. The relaxed psychology makes Everton keep a decent performance until the final rounds. They are unbeaten in the last 5/6 rounds, including 4 wins, 1 draw and especially 5 clean sheets. And today, Everton will bring the spirit of dedication to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to meet the London team in the final round.

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