What are the countries that blocked Huawei?

Countries that have decided to stop upgrading Huawei's giant equipment and technology make up 1/3 of the global GDP, according to a Bloomberg report.

From May 2, 2019 Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and the US have decided to block the use of Huawei products on their mobile networks.

Though Britain has decided to implement a ban on key parts of the 5G network, while Germany and France have added measures to protect against Huawei's potential backdoor.Several other European countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands have elaborated on the possibility of blocking Huawei. Huawei's immediate ban on Europe seems a difficult task. 1/3 of telecommunications systems in Europe have the Huawei brand.

Dutch Telecom KPN has decided to block Huawei as Britain has acted. The Czech Republic, Italy and Brazil have given green light while South Korea and Thailand, despite the first concerns, have accepted Huawei's technology.

Following a high-profile discovery in the US on Huawei in January, many fear the company is not sufficiently independent of the Chinese government that it can use to tapping Western countries.

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