Xavi: Messi can play for four years

Former legendary Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez has warned rivals of the Catalan club that Lionel Messi will continue to play for another three or four years.

The Argentine star has been enjoying more than a decade at the height of world football. He has won five Golden Balls so far and is the favorite to win the sixth this year.

Messi has the opportunity to finish the season with local trophies, the Golden Boot of Spain, the Golden Boot of Europe. Elimination in the Champions League semi-finals remains the only disappointment this season for the Argentine.

Messi has raised Europe's most prestigious four-time career trophy for the last time in 2015. Xavi believes the Argentine will experience this pleasure again.

When asked by Sport whether Barcelona should have achieved more success during the time that Messi was in the squad, Xavi reminded the journalist that before the Argentine, Barcelona had only one title of the Champions League.

"We have more than enough, we only had one before. We were able to win even more, but it's hard to come to triumph in the Champions League, "Xavi said.

"Barcelona and Pep Guardiola were better than any other team and we won only two of the four Champions League trophies during that time. Chelsea and Inter eliminated us ".

"But calm down, Messi is not over yet. We always talk about the era after Messi, but Leo also has three or four years to play. "

"I mean to play at the highest level, as now, because he cares for himself, he is physically powerful and has the mind of a monster. He is the number one in everything. "

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