A symptom that shows heart attack is inevitable

Scientists have discovered a new symptom that can serve as a sign that heart attack is inevitable.

After examining the materials that had been blocking the coronary arteries of a large number of patients, a team of scientists and medical experts confirmed that there was cholesterol - in the form of crystals.

They have discovered that this particular type of strengthened cholesterol is found in over 89 percent of emergency cases.

"In previous studies, we have shown that when cholesterol passes from liquid to solid or crystalline, it extends to volume like ice and water," Dr. George Abela, a professor of medicine at the State University of Miuchigan.

"This expansion within the artery walls can break the arteries and block the bloodstream by causing heart or brain attacks."

Except that scientists have discovered this symptom of heart attacks, research has also strengthened the fact that physical exercise and healthy eating have the ability to reduce the formation of these crystals.

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