Andorra 🇦🇩 vs France 🇫🇷

France just shocked when losing to Turkey 0-2 in the last match. Although Turkey has a high level and great determination, this result is still surprising because France is the team that is highly appreciated with its superior squad. Obviously, the absence of Kante made the French squad more or less affected, and the layout of coach Deschamps is not reasonable enough. But objectively speaking, it was a match that France had tests, and a fire pan in Turkey was not a joke.
With the French class, the losing match was just a surprise kick. Earlier, they had easily battered Moldova and Iceland in the first two matches, and scored 8 goals and conceded only once. After 2 victories and 1 defeat, France is currently second in Group H with 6 points, less than Turkey in the top 3 points. Andorra's march to the fourth game was an opportunity for France to regain its spirit and get 3 points for himself. 

On the other side, Andorra can't match France in any aspect. They are better than the reigning world champion from real strength, force to form. The home team lost all three matches played in the qualifiers, not even scoring any goals and conceding six times. Farther away in the last 10 matches, though not having to face any nasty opponents, Andorra did not win any match, instead they received 5 defeat and draw 5 matches. It is clear that the performance of the homeowner is very poor, and with much more inferiority, it is predictable to suffer a defeat against France.

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