Bolivia 🇧🇴 vs Peru 🇵🇪

Before a more classy Brazil, Bolivia had completely slipped and had to lose three goals in the opening match a few days ago. No score yet, Bolivia is standing in Group A and is the most losing team in the 2nd place race. If you want to go on, they are forced to win at least 1 point to be able to determine fate at the last turn. before Venezuela, otherwise, they will have to bring their suitcases home soon. In the past, Bolivia rarely had a good record in the Copa America. Specifically, in the past 20 years, through 7 Copa America, Bolivia has only just passed the first round. 
The defeat against Brazil extended Bolivia's losing streak to 4, and their unbeaten run was eight consecutive matches. Further, they won 1 of the last 17 games in every arena. In the second match against Peru, Bolivia's goal was nothing more than a victory, but did they make it clear that Peru is taking on many factors?

Unlike Bolivia, Peru gained 1 point from the draw with Venezuela in the first match. In fact Peru is not the team that is underestimated. Football in this country is in a strong development stage when surpassing the Chilean giant to stand in 5th place in the South American World Cup qualifier and win a play off, then defeat New Zealand in 2 matches. Play off to be in Russia for the final round. In Copa America, Peru also passed the group stage 2016 with the top spot, even beating Brazil with a minimum score.

Clearly Peru is not a simple name. Their form was slightly better than Bolivia when they won 2 wins and 1 draw in 5 matches kicked in 2019, the rest were 2 losses. This team also won the last 3 times against Bolivia, and scored at least 2 goals per match. It is clear that Peru is more appreciated than Bolivia and that is reflected immediately by the 1-Asian Asian handicap. This ratio somewhat correlates the two teams and La Blanquirroja will not miss the opportunity to search for 3 points for themselves.

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