Brazil 🇧🇷 vs Paraguay 🇵🇾

Brazil ended its group stage with a spectacular 5-0 victory over Peru in a match where their feet were freed. The Brazilian players played an excellent game and showed that they are the strongest candidates for the championship. Thereby, Selecao entered the quarterfinals with the first place in Group A with 7 points after 2 wins and 1 draw. Moreover, they continue to maintain their impressive unbeaten series in every arena to number 13.
For Paraguay, they are the only team that did not win any of the tournament this year but was in the quarterfinals. The ticket of this team will bring the color of luck. In the final match, they lost 0-1 to Colombia in the match at the same time Ecuador and Japan held each other. Thanks to that, Paraguay became one of the 2 best teams. In the group stage, Paraguay had two draws against Qatar and Argentina with a defeat against Colombia. 
Winning the top spot, Brazil's way forward becomes more advantageous in the quarterfinals, they only have to meet Paraguay, the third-place team in Group B. If the Samba dancers are showing a way attractive play blends the wildness of South America and the pragmatism of modern football, with the beautiful coordination phase, Paraguay only has quite sporadic and easy to guess phases. And while Brazil has an extremely coherent lineup, the other side, Paraguay is not a strong team despite having excellent individuals.
Obviously, the two teams have no small difference when entering the quarter-finals tomorrow morning. With the current poor performance, Paraguay will be hard to resist the footsteps of the home team players. Meanwhile, Brazil's determination is too great, never Samba dancers long for a championship like now. Confrontation also noted that Brazil deserves a higher rating than Paraguay. In the last 3 times the two teams met, Paraguay lost 1, drew 1 and won 1, but this victory must be thanks to a series of penalties. 
Meanwhile, the last time the two teams met, Brazil easily defeated Paraguay 3-0. Obviously there are not many opportunities for Paraguay to make a surprise before Brazil. Brazil's two-goal handicap against Paraguay in this match also clearly shows the confidence that the dealer gives to the team in green and yellow shirts. In terms of their performance, Paraguay have only won once after 11 appearances on all fronts. In this year's Copa America alone, Paraguay pushes players to enter the game two-thirds of the group stage. Obviously, trusting in Brazil is absolutely right.

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