Brazil vs Qatar

After the defeat in the 2018 World Cup, Brazil is looking to regain its face and redo all in the 2019 Copa America, the tournament they are the host country. Although playing unsuccessfully at the highest tournament on the planet this summer, it is undeniable that the Selecao are still one of the strongest teams in the world. They returned strongly in 2019 with the last 8 unbeaten matches, including 7 wins. Among Brazil's champions, there are also strong teams like Argentina or Uruguay.
Both the attack ability and the defense were significantly improved, making the performances of Samba dancers more convincing. Before 2019 Copa America, Tite coaches will play with Qatar and Honduras in 2 friendly matches here. This concentration, all the best Brazilian strikers playing in Europe are present. The disadvantage is a bit when Neymar is injured, but the rest are able to defeat Qatar. It is important that they show their cohesion and how to test the formation.

Meanwhile, Qatar is one of the highly rated teams in Asia, they even crowned the 2019 Asian Cup champion in a convincing way. However, when compared to the 5-time team that dominates the world like Brazil, the Asian representative can hardly match. In the 2019 Copa America, Qatar is the second Asian team and also the first Arab team to attend as a guest. However, it is extremely difficult for them to make a match in the league or in the immediate future with Brazil.
At present, Qatar owns a group of players who are considered to be the best in the history of oil football background. In terms of achievement, Qatar has a series of 6 consecutive wins. However their most recent match has been from half. Thus, the players have already been summoned for 4 months at the national team, so their performance and engagement are still a big question mark. Having to encounter a high-class competitor like Brazil and Qatar will surely have to be very hard and a failure is predictable. However, this will be a very good opportunity for them to be rubbed with the major competitors in the world.

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