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Brazil 🇧🇷 vs Venezuela 🇻🇪

Unexpectedly, Brazil has shown the power of the top candidate for this year's Copa America champion right in the first match against Bolivia. It was the match that Selecao played outright against the opponent when he controlled the ball 68% and launched 7 shots on target, while this number for Bolivia was only 1. Before a weak opponent like Bolivia then the fairly gentle match of Brazil is understandable and it has brought a lot of excitement. In particular, Philipe Coutinho must be included with a brace against Bolivia. Thereby, he indirectly responded to doubts about performance before the 2019 Copa America kicked off, not only that made fans forget the absence of Neymar in this tournament. The three-star victory at the start of the match helped Selecao to top Group A with 3 points.
Thus, Brazil have been unbeaten in all 5 appearances in 2019 including 1 draw and 4 latest consecutive victories. Ahead of the tournament, Selecao defeated Honduras to 7 goals without lifting and winning 2-0 against Qatar, showing their thorough preparation for the Copa America this year. At home, Brazil's strength is even more terrible when it has been unbeaten in the last 7 games, including 6 wins and especially they keep clean all 6 matches. The sublimation style, only met with a lower opponent, Brazil is expected to continue to win the second game to maintain the top spot.

In contrast to Brazil, Venezuela had a tough battle and they finally got a point after holding Peru. In this match, Venezuela partly expressed its discomfort with the ability to cling and dispute quite well. One point in the first round of the match brought third place to Venezuela. Falling into the group with the presence of an overwhelming opponent of Brazil, Venezuela knows that they can only move forward if they get second place or at least the third team with the best performance.
Score is what both teams are craving for. If winning, Brazil will have 6 absolute points, thereby holding the ticket in hand and will have a very gentle final match. Meanwhile, Venezuela must also have points if it wants to accomplish the above objectives. Both their determination was great, but Brazil was clearly superior. Not to mention having a bad performance (2 draws, 1 loss and 1 win in the last 4 matches), the weaker weakness of the force and the level makes Venezuela difficult to dream of having points in this match. .

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