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Colombia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄ vs Qatar πŸ‡ΆπŸ‡¦

Colombia - Qatar 
Football : Copa America 
Wednesday (19 June) 21:30 (GMT 0) 

Colombia has a good preparation for 2019 Copa with two victories over Panama and Peru with the same score of 3-0 in a series of friendly matches ahead of the tournament. Their efforts paid off in a way that could not be more perfect just a few days ago. That was the day that James Rodriguez and his teammates defeated the strongest in Group B Argentina to 2 goals without lifting. They played a good match and deserved the 3 points they earned.
With the victory in the first match, Colombia is temporarily at the top of Group B with 3 points. This team is proving that they are able to challenge any team that wants to win the championship. In the second match, Colombia stood before the opportunity could not be better to have one more victory when only the weakest opponent to encounter Qatar. This opponent has just made a surprise in the match against the 2-2 draw with Paraguay.
Attending the Copa America as a guest, but Qatar has shown that they are not only here to rub. The Asian representative had a great match against Paraguay and drew 2-2 despite being led by 2 goals. Earn a draw after being beaten by a rival with a level of 2-0 is something that not every team can do. Therefore, the army of Felix Sanchez coach has brought interesting to Group B, and promises to make many more surprises.
The excellence of Qatar makes the clash between them and Colombia in the second round of Group B becomes worth watching. However, one can expect Qatar to make it difficult for Colombia, but it is hard to believe that they can beat the national team that has won 2 stars against Argentina. What happened in the match proved that Colombia is one of South America's top teams now. Remember, Colombia is a collective that has fought through many major tournaments and has a thorough understanding between them. Qatar may be surprised by Paraguay but it is clear that Colombia is at a different level, Qatar is hard to repeat that scenario again. 

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