Denmark 🇩🇰 vs Georgia 🇬🇪

Denmark started the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign not very smoothly. Specifically, they have a draw on the Swiss court and a draw at home against Ireland. With two small points after 2 matches, Coach Hareide and his team only ranked at the penultimate position in Group D. Tonight, "The lead soldiers" have a reception match for Georgia on home turf and this is a great opportunity let them search for 3 full points, thereby improving their position on the final table.
In theory, Georgia has a better ranking than Denmark with 3 points. But if objectively commented, that is not enough for reassuring fans. Should know, Georgia only won the weakest team in the Gibraltar table, the rest are 2 defeats against CH Ireland and Switzerland. One more point needs to know, in the last 2 times encountering Denmark, Gibraltar players are subject to white hands and in which they conceded 8 goals.

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