Ecuador πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨ vs Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

This  year's C Copa America panel was soon decided after only the first two matches. Chile and Uruguay respectively placed the top two spots and got the ticket in hand, while Japan only won 1 point, ranked 3rd, the bottom was Ecuador in the bottom spot when it was not won yet. what point 
If winning in this round, Japan still hopes to reach the quarterfinal as the third best team. At the last stage, Asian representatives launched with a 0-4 defeat to Chile, the team is currently at the top of the table, followed by the Asian representative holding Uruguay in the second round to get 1 point . In fact, this is an acceptable result for a guest of the tournament like Japan, because they come to this tournament with a psychology that is not so important about the score. Before Copa America, Japan has a series of 3 unbeaten matches including 2 wins and 1 draw in their friendly matches.
On the other side of the front line, Ecuador came to the South American Football Cup 2019 with a very high goal. Falling into a table is not easy, making their determination bigger. But all soon collapsed after the last two losing games. In the opening match, they let Chile beat 1-2, then were beaten to 4 goals without losing to Uruguay. Thus, Mr. GΓ³mez's army was officially eliminated from the group stage. Obviously, they are no longer the team that caused many difficulties for the big boys.

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