Germany 🇩🇪 vs Belarus 🇧🇾

2018 for Germany is sad with two bad leagues. Attending the 2018 World Cup as defending champion, Germany was eliminated from the group stage even though it was not too difficult for Mexico, Sweden and South Korea to fall into the group. Later in the Nations League, Germany continued to disappoint when they reached the bottom of League A and had to play down in League B next season. After any failure, coach Joachim Loew is still believed, he has made changes although quite slow but at least helps the chariot increase to achieve quite satisfactory results in qualifying Euro 2020 until this time. 
At the start of the match, Germany knocked out the Netherlands with a 3-2 score on away field. This favorable start is believed to be a positive signal for Joachim Loew teachers in 2019. With a young and energetic team with the participation of many experienced players like Maneul Neuer, Hector, Halstenberg, Marco Reus or Gundogan, The tank is considered one of the top two candidates for the ticket to go on Group C.

In his second match, Germany will meet a weaker opponent, Belarus. In terms of both strength and performance, Belarus cannot be a worthy match for the tank. So far they have not done anything after 2 matches against the Netherlands and Northern Ireland when they failed both and received 6 goals, so they had to be listed in Group C. In this match, even though playing at home but Belarus's ability to win is almost zero. Even the most optimistic fans have a hard time dreaming of their team doing something before Germany, even if it's just a draw.

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