Iceland 🇮🇸 vs Turkey 🇹🇷

Not only creating a shock when defeating the World Champion - France with a score of 2-0 in the last match, more importantly Turkey has surpassed the opponent to take the position. led in Group H - EURO 2020 qualifier with 9 points after 3 matches. Not only that, this victory is also creating a very positive psychological momentum for Senol Gunes teachers and teachers in the next matches.
In the fourth match, Turkey will have a trip to Iceland far away, in many ways, this is clearly a small challenge for teachers and coach Senol Gunes when the opponent is not trivial. Not only that, considering the FIFA BXH, Turkey is only standing on Iceland 1 level, so the difference is almost very little.

Moreover, after recent advances in the 2016 EURO and having tickets for the 2018 World Cup, the position of the Ice Island team has greatly increased. As soon as in the EURO 2020 qualifier this time, Iceland is also playing well with 6 points obtained after 3 matches and 3rd place in the standings and is rated as one of the names with the ability to compete for tickets to continue.
However, after the recent impressive performance, Turkey is still receiving a lot of expectations on this trip, so remember at the present time, teachers and Senol Gunes coaches are maintaining circuit 5 The whole match won, especially on the last trip away from home, Turkey's performance is also quite good with 2 wins after 3 matches.

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