Ireland 🇮🇪 vs Gibraltar 🇬🇮

Ireland set a very high target in Euro 2020, first of all, to qualify with the top of Group D with the participation of strong teams like Switzerland and Denmark. Until now, Ireland has shown that they are doing well when they get top spot with 7 points, more than Switzerland in the 2nd place, 3 points away. They were unbeaten in all three matches against two victories over Gibraltar and Georgia and a draw with Denmark. 
Ireland has improved a lot in the past few years. They have participated in the two most recent Euros after a long absence from the Euro championships. Their achievement in this tournament also increased year by year. In 2012, they lost all three group stage matches but by 2016, they could have reached the knock out round. With a squad of many players playing in the top European leagues, Ireland is currently enjoying a lot of expectations at Euro 2020. In Ireland's fourth match, the challenge quite gentle when only a much weaker Gibraltar is welcome.

Gibraltar has only joined UEFA since 2012. With the young and unremarkable lineup, Gibraltar is not appreciated, even as a regular team in the Euro and World preliminary rounds. Cup. The scenario continues to repeat with Gibraltar in Euro 2020 qualifier, they are ranked at the bottom of Group D and have not scored any points after 2 matches. Their form is very bad when losing the last 5 matches in all competitions. Apparently, Gibraltar could hardly escape a defeat in Ireland's march to the yard tonight.

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