Italy 🇮🇹 vs Bosnia Herzegovina 🇧🇦

Italia vs Bosnia
After a time of crisis when unable to attend the 2018 World Cup and second only to Group 3 of League A, the table includes competitors on par with Italy like Portugal and Three Nations Nations Nations League 2018 , Italy is showing strong signs of resurgence with impressive results in Euro 2020 qualifiers. Their efforts paid off with 3 consecutive victories in the first 3 matches, and scored 11 goals. win without conceding a goal. With this achievement, coach and coach Roberto Mancini is the No. 1 candidate for the ticket of the table J.
Although marginally better than the other competitors of Group J, the difference between Italy and the rest of the group is not too big. Outside of Italy, Bosnia is the second most appreciated name for the remaining ticket. However, this team is facing many crisis in form with many holes in defense. At the start of the battle, they won 3 points against Armenia but were soon hit by cold water in the next two rounds against Finland and Greece. Not only that, they were robbed by the Finnish second place in the last round. So in the last 5 games, Bosnia only won 1 game, the remaining 2 and lost 2.

In this tournament, Italy represents a powerful attacking play. This is evident in the 11 goals they have earned after the first 3 matches. Therefore, when returning to the home field to welcome the weak team like Bosnia, the Italian team is expected to have an impressive victory right in their home. The handicap of 1 / 1.5 left that the dealer insists on the Asian trading floor is understandable if talking about the correlation of the current two teams in terms of form and quality. Weakly weaker in every way, having disadvantages because of away from home, it would be difficult for Bosnia to make a surprise for Italy in the night.

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