Japan 🇯🇵 vs Chile 🇨🇱

Located in table C with the presence of Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador, Japan is the most underrated name in terms of ability to go deep into the inner circle. If done well, the best-performing Asian team in the 2018 World Cup still has a chance to qualify for the qualifying round by becoming the third best-performing team. With a squad that has many names playing abroad, with a smart and disciplined play style, Japan is still believed to do something when attending Copa America as a guest.
The luggage that the cherry blossom club brought to the South American Cup this year is quite good. In the last 3 friendly matches against CONCACAF regional teams and South America and Japan, there were 2 defeats and 2 draws. In particular they won a 2-0 victory over El Salvador in a friendly match a week ago. Thus, the Asian Cup runner-up will enter the first match at the Copa America with a positive attitude and a comfortable mentality.

Chile is no longer able to maintain its strength as it was a few years ago and has consistently failed in recent tournaments. Chile's current squad compared to the 2016 throne does not have a lot of reforms, still names like Sanchez and Vidal but with a form that is no longer the same. La Roja's preparation for the tournament this year was not impressive, they lost to Mexico 1-3, drew 1-1 from America and won almost a victory against the tiny Haiti team with the score 2-1. With the current face of Chile, not many people believe that they will successfully defend the South American championship.

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