Liverpool champion of Europe in Madrid for the sixth trophy in history

Liverpool has managed to score a win in the Champions League final against Tottenham with a 2-0 result, adorning this trophy for the sixth time in history.

The match kicked off. This is because after a minute, a penalty was awarded by Slovenian judge Damir Skomina.

The ball in the area touched, Moussa Sissoko, but had strong objections from Tottenham players, but the country did not change.

From the white spot it turned out to be Mohamed Salah who scored for 1-0.

17 minutes into the match, Alexandre Arnold came in off the post, but his header was blocked by Hugo Loris.

The game fell in the silence in the middle of the first half and there were no occasions, but war was in the middle of the field.

In the 38th minute, Liverpool tried again, this time with Andrew Robertson, but his shot from 30 meters was beautifully received by Lloris.

Tottenham's best chance was in the extra time of the first half, where he shot beautiful Cristain Eriksen but over the gate.

The result of the first half, made the second fiery second flamboyant.

In the 58th minute Tootenham had a good chance at Heung min Son, but his shot was blocked by the defense.

The 68th minute brought a good chance for Liverpool, where after many combinations, Salah followed to James Milner who hunts beautifully, but adjacent to the pillar.

At the beginning of the 70's the two teams had a good chance, but lacked the kick at the end.

Tottenham in a quick counterattack they could find the goal, but the passing of Son did not turn the goal to Dele Ali, who easily fired at the hands of Alisson.

The Londoners did not stop the attacks. Son tried first, but defends Alisson, while returning Tottenham has repeatedly played an attack where the ball came to Lucas Moura's feet but his shot was received by the Brazilian.

The 84th minute stopped the hearts of fans, when Milner stepped in to Rose, was out of the box. Eriksen's beautiful shot was received by Alisson.

When the Londoners were expected to score, Divock Origi was on the scene with a strong shot scored 2-0 in the 87th minute.

By the end, it was not in the throats and Liverpool was declared Europe's sixth time in the history of the club.

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