Nations League: Netherlands vs England

 Nations League Finals 

 Thu, 6 June 2019

Kickoff at 19.45 UK

Estádio D. Afonso Henriques.

English football is in its infancy. Last season, both European Cup finals are internal stories of the Premier League. That shows the misty domination of the old continent, at least this season. Even at the national team level, England are very successful. Last summer, they reached the 2018 World Cup semi-finals. For now, Tam-mon is also in the UEFA Nations League finals. 

Journey to the semi-finals of the Three Masters is also admirable. In the group stage, they must be on the same table with two very strong teams, the World Runner-up of Croatia and Spain. But Gareth Southgate's teachers and coaches still excelled at both to win the top spot. In it, the most impressive is the 3-2 victory over La Roja on away field. 

British play under Southgate was gradually shaped. He is now wearing a new look with diverse play. When needed, they can kick the defense of a great counterattack like in a 3-2 victory over Spain. But before the small competitors, the Three Masters can kick the game to impose the posture and strangle the opponent through the smoothness of the play. In the first two matches at the EURO 2020 qualifier, England have dropped Czech Republic 5-0 and Montenegro 5-1 with that play.  

The Netherlands is actually on the road to resurrection. The team was absent from the 2018 World Cup. But teachers and teachers Ronald Koeman played well in the UEFA Nations League group stage , when they overcame both Germany and France to win the first place. In the last Champions League, Ajax with the core is the Dutch players also reached the semi-finals with very impressive gameplay.

However, maturity requires a long process to accumulate and accrue. The British have traveled a long journey of more than 2 years with success at every level the team has achieved today. The Netherlands has prospered in the last 9 months. The fact that they lost 2-3 at home in front of Germany in the EURO 2020 qualifier is also a proof that Koeman teachers and students still need more time to affirm the growth, which the British are acquiring.

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