Paraguay vs Qatar

Paraguay - Qatar 
Football : Copa America 
Sunday (16 June) 19:00 (GMT 0) 

This will be the first time Qatar has attended the biggest playground of South American football, but they have the confidence to come from the strength and performance that has been shown during the past time. Qatar displayed the strength of one of Asia's top teams by claiming the 2019 Asian Cup after winning all seven matches and ending with crushing Japan 3-1 in the final. Also during the tournament, Felix Sanchez's side scored 19 goals and conceded only once.
Qatar's winning streak ended with a 2-0 defeat to Brazil in a friendly 10 days ago. But everyone knows that Brazil is a team that is highly appreciated for qualification and class, and the Qatar performance in that encounter is not bad. However, when it comes to Copa America as a guest, it is difficult for Qatar to express its style in Asia because of its rank and experience, Qatar is the weakest. This tournament is probably the main learning experience. 

In the match, Qatar will face Paraguay, a mid-range team of South America who lost 0-2 to Qatar in the only match between them in the past since 2009 (friendly). For Paraguay, their golden age has long lagged far after their brightest stars moved. They went through a series of six unbelievable matches in a friendly match before Copa America and it was not until the final match with Guatemala that coach Juan Carlos Osorio's men collected their first victory.

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