Peru 🇵🇪 vs Brazil 🇧🇷

Located at the table against the teams underestimated so much, but what Brazil does not meet the expectations of Samba fans. Brazilian fans always want the home team to win boldly and win beautifully despite who their opponents are. However, the performance of the yellow-green shirt team in the first two matches is not convincing. They had to ask VAR to get the opportunity from the 11m mark, which opened the deadlock before Bolivia in the game, then was caught by a Venezuelan draw at the second match.
In terms of scores, Brazil can still top the table with 4 points earned. However, the victory was fortunate before Bolivia and the draw against Venezuela made people not worry about the results of the Samba dancers in this year's tournament. Tite coach has made changes in the squad but that is not enough to help Brazil get a better face. With the current performance, it is clear that the match with Peru will be a big challenge for Tite teachers and coaches.
The reason is because Peru is doing quite well on their journey. Peru has 4 points equal to Brazil but ranked second in the table due to the lack of winning difference. They almost got a ticket to the next round but in order to keep their self-determination and safety, they still need at least one more point. In the first two matches, they held Venezuela in the opening match and 3-1 victory over Bolivia in the next game. Clearly, Peru is not a simple name, but there are still factors that support a positive result for Brazil in this match.

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