Russia 🇷🇺 vs Cyprus 🇨🇾

At the Euro 2020 qualifier, Russia is on the same table as Belgium, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and San Marino. There are only 2 tickets going on in each group, so the competition is very fierce. Russia started off unfavorably with a loss of 1-3 against Belgium but made good use of opportunities against weaker opponents to squeeze points. 
Russia has won against Kazakhstan and San Marino recently, scoring 15 goals and not conceding a goal. On the chart at the moment, Russia is temporarily ranked in second place with 6 points. However, the competition was very tough when the team ranked third in Scotland also had 6 points. 
Playing at home against a lesser opponent, Cyprus, Russia promises to do everything it can to win. On the FIFA BXH at this time, Russia ranked 46th, while the similar position of Cyprus is 89.

In this round of summoning, Russia did not have the service of midfielder Denis Cheryshev. However, the Aries country team did not have to worry about the ability to control the middle. Because Aleksandr Golovin has the highest physical and mental background. In the process of burying San Marino 9-0 on June 8, Golovin initiated all Russian attacks, contributing two assists.

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