The African Cup of Nations 2019 🏟 🔥

The African Cup of Nations, the tournament that most football fans are waiting for, have kicked off on Friday 21/6 in Egypt and will witness the participation of 24 teams for the first time in the history of the competition.

The teams were divided into six groups competing for six stadiums: Cairo, Peace, Air Defense, Alexandria, Suez and Ismailia

CAN is witnessing great interest due to the size of the competitions and also the strength of the teams including the players, mostly European patrols.

The VAR will also be used for the first time in CAN 2019 after it has been used in the CAF Champions League.

During the matches, the game will be stopped twice because of the high temperature by a break in each run, the first in the 30 minute and the second in the 75th minute.

According to the medical committee of the championship, especially that the current version is the first to be held in the summer and in order to maintain the safety for players. 

List of participating teams:
  • Senegal and Madagascar (Group I)
  • Morocco and Cameroon (Group B)
  • Mali and Burundi (Group C)
  • Algeria and Benin (Group D)
  • Nigeria and South Africa (Group E)
  • Ghana and Kenya (Group F)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe (Group G)
  • Guinea and Ivory Coast (Group H)
  • Angola and Mauritania (Group IX)
  • Egypt (host country), Tunisia (Group X)
  • Guinea-Bissau Namibia (Group XI)
  • Uganda and Tanzania (Group XII)

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