Ukraine U20 vs South Korea U20

Ukraine U20 - South Korea U20 
Football : International Tournaments 
Saturday (15 June) 16:00 (GMT 0) 

Until this time, it can be affirmed that the Ukraine and South Korea present in the final is the biggest surprise of the 2019 FIFA World Cup for the U20 age. Before the Polish soil competition started, they were not noticed because in the past few years, these two countries' footballs have not achieved any outstanding achievements including recruiting children and the national team, especially with Ukraine.
However, even in the opening match, representatives from Eastern Europe made a surprise when overcoming the United States 2-1, then, they defeated Qatar, holding a Nigerian championship in the final match. to dominate the top of the table. At this point, all must look at Ukraine with a completely different look because what they have shown is far beyond the expectations of the fans.
But that is still not the biggest surprise. In the round of 16, Ukraine beat Panama 4-1 as easily as walking, then a 1-0 victory over the South American representative of Colombia and in the semi-final, Ukraine created a real seismic at FIFA U20 World Cup when overcoming another big man of European football is Italy to be present in the final match.

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