Uruguay vs Ecuador

Uruguay - Ecuador 
Football : Copa America 
Sunday (16 June) 22:00 (GMT 0) 
In the C Copa America table with the participation of defending champion Chile, Uruguay is the second name to receive the expectation in this group. In the last five years, Uruguay had a great World Cup in Russia when they finished the group stage at the top of Group A, then beat the Portuguese European champion in the eighth round. However, their journey in Russia had to be stopped when facing the French, the team then crowned the king. However, the achievement in the quarterfinals was satisfactory for Uruguay. 
Now Uruguay is entering the Copa America tournament where they are very much expected. Before entering the tournament, Uruguay had a chance to rekindle their spirit and form after a period of shortness in friendly matches after the World Cup ended. Evidence is the last 3 matches, Uruguay have won all 3, and scored 10 goals without receiving any goals. In a friendly against Panama a few days ago, Uruguay defeated the opponent with 3 goals without equalizing. This is considered a successful step for Uruguay in this year's tournament.

With professional quality and very good preparation before the tournament, it is not difficult for Uruguay to win all 3 points in the game against Ecuador, especially when the opponent is in a very blurred form recently. If at the level of young levels like U20, Ecuador has achieved certain success, for the national team, everything is not smooth. Apart from the names that were on the other side of the career slope like Enner or Antonio Valencia, the Ecuadorian team didn't have a lot of quality names for fans to trust.

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