Accrington vs Olympique Marseille

   Accrington - Olympique Marseille 
Football : Culbs Friendly Matches 
 Thursday (11 July) 17:00 (GMT 0)

Marseille is one of the most highly rated teams in Ligue 1, Europe's top league. Therefore, their level is superior to Accrington is also not surprising.

Football experts say Accrington is a team from England, where football is the most popular. However, they are an anonymous name in the land of the land of fog. Simply because this team is currently playing in the Third Division of England.

Obviously, with their position, they can not own the excellent individual squad. Even, some players in the squad of Wham Stadium team do not have the main business is football.
Accrington's annual investment is really limited. It was a success to maintain the Third Division club, not to mention promotion. And with that modest level of my own, it is an honor for teachers and teachers Coleman to play against big teams like Marseille in the next match.

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