Algeria 🇩🇿 vs Guinea 🇬🇳

Algeria - Guinea 
   Football : Africa Cup of Nations  Sunday (07 July) 19:00 (GMT 0)

Mahrez's team showed their absolute strength in the group stage. They defeated each Senegal and Kenya to make it to the top of the Group C. Even the North African team has not yet had to concede a goal. Therefore it is undeniable that Algeria is gradually replacing Senegal to become the No. 1 candidate for the CAN championship this year.
In the latest forehead lane, Guinea also suffered a failure in the "no-door" world two years ago. So they understand that at the present time, the only way to go deeper is to play the player on the yard and wait for the miracle. But under Algerian pressure, this is relatively impossible.
Africa Cup of Nations  

Algeria's current form is also very terrible. This team has won 7 out of 10 most recent odds according to the Asian handicap dealer's odds. Meanwhile Guinea is extremely humble with reaching a winning ratio of 20% on its last 10 matches. Clearly, all factors are supporting Algeria and there is no reason to believe in a miracle that will come to Guinea.
Asian markets this match is Algeria accept Guinea 0.75 left. With a mortgage that is not too deep like this, of course, catching the door above will be the most reasonable choice for investors. Only a minimum win can win money.


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