Algeria 🇩🇿 vs Nigeria 🇳🇬

Algeria - Nigeria 
 Football : Africa Cup of Nations 
 Sunday (14 July) 19:00 (GMT 0)

In the past, Algeria once had a throne in the African Cup. It was the period CAN was held in Algeria's home ground in 1990. Since then, "Desert Fox" only had 1 more time to reach the semi-finals and the fourth tournament. Left, Algeria is either eliminated from the group stage, or at the very end, to the quarterfinals.

So it can be said, this African Cup 2019 is the tournament that Algerian fans have the strongest belief about the team will be crowned champion. Djamel Belmadi's team has passed the group stage perfectly with 3 wins, scoring 6 goals and not conceding a goal.

In the eighth round, Algeria easily defeated Guinea 3-0. In the last quarterfinal match, Algeria has encountered more difficulties when confronting Ivory Coast. "Desert fox" drew the opponent after 120 minutes of competition. Thanks to the series of lucky shootings, Belmadi teachers and students defeated the "Elephant Flock."

Algeria's all-time record and victory has been cut off by Ivory Coast. However, certainly in the spirit of Belmadi teachers and students at this time only filled with joy because of the semifinals. In addition, Algeria also has the focus to prepare for the difficult match to Nigeria.
Nigeria still shows that they are strong teams in Africa. "Blue eagle" defeated South Africa 2-1 to get the 15th time into the CAN semi-final. At the previous 14 times, Nigeria had 7 finalists and 7 times to compete. That's a pretty balanced statistic.
However, according to expert Bongda365, Nigeria's likely balance of achievement will be worse. Because, what "Blue Eagle" has performed is not convincing in Algeria. In addition, Algeria will be more determined after nearly 30 years without African championship.

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