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Altach vs Southampton

Altach - Southampton 
 Football : Clubs Friendly Matches 
 Sunday (14 July) 13:00 (GMT 0)
Although the Austrian national championship must be finished by the end of May, the Altach players have concentrated only a month later and up to this point, they have had four friendly matches. The last match took place a few days ago, Altach just met another Premier League representative, West Ham and they only lost with the minimum difference (2-3).
Meanwhile, this is Southampton's first match since focusing again. Despite having gone through a 2018/19 season, it ended badly in the final 16th place, only 5 points lower than the relegation group, but so far Southampton have not had any noticeable boost in terms of force. That predicts an extremely difficult season for The Saints in the context of the Premier League becoming more and more severe.
As the No. 3 team in the Austrian league last season, plus the home advantage, Altach is certainly not easily defeated, especially when they have four matches to heat up.

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