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Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· vs Chile πŸ‡¨πŸ‡±

The  relationship between debt and Argentina vs Chile encounter in the Copa America, but different from the last 2 Copa period, this time the pair met but was in the match 3, not the final. In those two finals, Argentina failed bitterly on penalties, and now is an opportunity for them to repay Chile's borrowed debt.

Many NHM and Argentina's top leaders blame the referees in the semi-final against Brazil but the reality of their play is not as suitable as Selecao. Scaloni is "less" than Tite, and does not deny that Argentina lacks the efforts of individuals and lacks teamwork.

But at least through what Argentina has shown in recent matches, NHM still sees their progress. As for Chile, the image of the defending champion was completely overshadowed after the 3-0 defeat to Peru. Chile play poor or Peru too good in that semi-final? Both views are not wrong. Chile lost because their factor was too old and could not keep up with the speed on the Peruvian side and public goods proved deadlocked.

This clash between Argentina and Chile is very different from the last two Copa, because this is just a match 3. The effort, determination is no longer the same. In the Asian market, Argentina is appreciated by the dealers in the draw. But compared to the time when it began to appear on the exchange, Argentina is showing signs of price reduction over time. Be aware that when opening the Argentine rafter, even accept 3/4 in this match.

Through what the two teams show in the semi-finals, it is obvious that the rate fluctuation is a bit unexpected, and Chile is the choice that investors are targeting. Argentina is not a team with a lot of physical play like Peru, and Chile will no longer be afraid to race speed. Moreover, losing to Brazil in the context of players and coaching staff thought that they were being pressed by referees is inhibiting psychology for Argentina.

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