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Arsenal vs Fiorentina

Saturday (20 July) 22:00 (GMT 0) 

The defeat of Colorado Rapids 3-0 made many people still doubt Arsenal's strength. It is easy to understand, because the representative of the United States has a lower level than the Gunner.

However, Unai Emery teachers and students proved their danger with a 2-1 victory over Bayern Munich at ICC. In this match, the Gunners are the ones that create more dangerous situations.

Especially, the familiar names of Emirates Stadium such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Alexandre Lacazette are not bright people. Young players have spoken out to prove their ability.

It can be seen, despite the tight transfer policy, the Arsenal squad is still full of vitality. The danger on the front of the attack also increased significantly.

Looking at Arsenal vs Fiorentina, the friendly properties are always a great place to test public goods. Of course, a team that tends to attack like the Gunners will have a lot of acting ground.

On the other side of the line, Fiorentina does not own the strong point, at least at the present time. They had to struggle to defeat the Mexican representative Guadalajara 2-1 in the game at ICC.

Even La Viola is the side that was ripped off the net first. Prior to the confrontation with Arsenal, the Italian representative was also at a disadvantage when it took too much time to travel in a short time.

Meanwhile, Unai Emery teachers and teachers have time to rest and practice in California - where they defeat Bayern Munich. Clearly, the Gunners are more appreciated. 

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