Bohemians vs Chelsea: Frank Lampard, game # 1 with blues

The exciting atmosphere is something one can easily recognize from the recent training session of Chelsea. The return of a team legend to help Chelsea overcome difficulties and look forward to future success creates an extremely positive effect.

Except for rookie Pulisic, there are no Chelsea players absent from the rally due to national concentration issues. With the current stars remaining in the squad clearly the quality of Chelsea's football is still extremely high. Especially when standing next to a team like Bohemians.

The new work with the new coach made it difficult to wait for a smooth play coming from Chelsea players. However, it is very difficult for the players who have a very good fighting motivation, which makes it difficult for Bohemians to make a surprise. Strikers like Giroud or Batshuayi will do well when facing weak teams like this.

The Irish National Championship is still going on and it's really hard to wait for the fire-blooded performance from Bohemians. Chelsea are at a higher level and relatively hungry to win. Home advantage is not enough for Bohemians to resist Chelsea's determination in this match.

A match is worth the wait for Chelsea fans. Before a weaker opponent is quite likely Super Frankie will be able to win against Chelsea on a new position is quite high.


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