Brazil πŸ‡§πŸ‡· vs Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

Brazil - Argentina
Football : Copa America
Wednesday (03 July) 00:30 (GMT 0)  

Brazil has had a tough victory against Paraguay, while Argentina is gradually regaining its form with a 2-0 victory over Venezuela. Asian dealer for this match Brazil accepted Argentina, according to experts shed truss should put their faith in Brazil. 
On FIFA BXH, Brazil is 8 ranks higher than its rivals. The current performance of Tite coaches and teachers is also extremely impressive with 14 unbeaten games, including 11 victories. Although Brazil's brightest star Neymar could not attend the tournament due to an injury, but in the hands of Coach Tite, there are still a handful of players like Roberto Firmino, Coutinho or Gabriel Jesus and the return of Arthur midfielder is also helping "Selecao "Becomes extremely scary."

As a team famous for its fiery offensive play, but at the moment, the defense of "samba dancers" is also highly appreciated. The Thiago Silva, Luis, Dani Alves and especially Alisson goalkeeper played extremely well and helped Brazil to have a series of consecutive games without conceding a number of six. "Selecao" had a close match, but Alisson goalkeeper played extremely well and defeated his opponent in a turn to brainstorm.

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