Brazil 🇧🇷 vs Peru 🇵🇪

Brazil - Peru
               Football : Copa America  
Sunday (07 July) 20:00 (GMT 0)

The "samba dancers" had a convincing 2-0 victory over Argentina to be in the finals this year, while Peru did better than knocking the defending champion Chile 3-0. The Asian cookie is letting Brazil accept Peru 1.5 left, according to the expert, so he believes in Peru.
Brazil has an impressive performance with 3 draws and 12 wins in 15 matches. However, Tite teachers and students were not without weaknesses, they had 2 matches in this year's tournament to keep their opponents 0-0. In the group stage, despite controlling the ball almost twice as much as the actor, taking 19 shots and having only one goal against Venezuela but the Brazilian strikers were unable to create a goal.
Copa America

In the recent quarterfinals, there was an advantage over the 58th minute of the match, 26 shots were taken, but the players of Tite's coach remained completely deadlocked by Paraguay. It can be seen that the "samba dancer" is having difficulty with the opponent's multi-tier bus way. Peru in the next match is too understanding of Brazil's attacking power, so they will definitely play defense with Tite and his teachers.
To reach the finals this year, Peru had to overcome the stunning names of Uruguay and most recently the champion of Chile. In the quarterfinals, with a strong defensive play with a bit of luck, Gareca teachers excellently drew 0-0 against Uruguay, the team that possesses a terrifying striker pair is Cavani and Suarez.

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