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Chelsea vs Reading

Chelsea is one of the four best teams in the Premier League 2018/19. Reading only ranked 20th in the league after the Championship season ended. It can be seen that the difference is too big in the level in this match. It doesn't take too long for players and experts to make an easy victory for the Blues.

In fact, it has proved that Chelsea's performance and head-to-head record are better than its competitors. In the last 5 games, Chelsea win 3 and draw 1. The most impressive is that their defeats are the big teams like Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League finals in 2018/19. The next name is Barcelona in a series of friendlies last summer. On the other side of the tour, Reading lost 2, drawing 1 in the last 5 matches.

In terms of head-to-head record, Chelsea are having 7 unbeaten matches against Reading, in which the blue team wins 4 matches. 4 times as a guest before the opponent, Chelsea won 2 and drew 2. It can be seen that the gap in qualification and the quality of the squad of the two teams is very big.

After the match against Reading, Chelsea also participated in 2 friendly matches before entering the new season. The 2019/20 Premier League match, Chelsea will face Manchester United. So coach Frank Lampard and his teachers wanted to maintain the excitement until the start of the Premier League. The experts look at Chelsea vs Reading against the victory belongs to the visitors.

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