Chile 🇨🇱 vs Peru 🇵🇪

Chile - Peru 
Football : Copa America 

 Thursday (04 July) 00:30 (GMT 0)

CHI 0 - 3 PER  

Both Chile and Peru struggled to overcome the quarter-finals this year. Chile won 5-4 in a penalty shootout with Colombia, which was also a result of Peru before Uruguay. Asian bookies let this game Chile accept Peru 0.5 left, according to expert experts should put their faith in the defending champion Chile. 

In FIFA World Cup, Chile champions are 5 places higher than Peru. On the final day of the group stage, Reinaldo Rueda's teachers let Uruguay beat 1-0. However, if watching the game, then Chile will be the team to take the lead and play better, but the stars on their attackers do not have a bright flash like Cavani of Uruguay, and must accept The only goal was lost when the game went into the 82nd minute.

Copa America

In the last quarter-final match, Reinaldo Rueda's opponent is Colombia, the team is highly appreciated as the only team to win all 3 group matches. However, in that match, Chile played completely on the engine with time to control the ball as well as dangerous situations created more than competitors.

On the other side of the battle line, according to the Peruvian house, there is not really good form, teachers and students Ricardo Gareca draw 2 and lose to 5 in 10 past games. Peru's strikers are performing poorly when there are four goals in the last 4 matches. The way to the semi-finals of Peru this year also surprised many people . 

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