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Dortmund vs Udinese

Dortmund are very into the game. The Bundesliga runner-up team has just won both the recent friendly matches. Every Dortmund game scored 3 goals. It's even more impressive when Dortmund's defeats have both the Champions League champions and Liverpool champions. Despite receiving a lot of rookies, the Dortmund machine has quickly entered. The new and old links in Dortmund team assembled together very well.

In contrast, Udinese are struggling with pairing as well as adapting to new tactics. Udinese players have not adapted to the 3-4-2-1 scheme that new coach Igor Tudor has applied for them.

It is because of many such problems that Udinese have lost both recent friendly matches. More remarkably, Udinese lost to both of their under-rated rivals Ravenna and Al Hilal. Tonight, in front of Dortmund, both in terms of class and form, Udinese are more likely to receive a losing match when Dortmund are determined to look forward to a successful season. 

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