Ghana 🇬🇭 vs Tunisia 🇹🇳

Ghana - Tunisia  
 Football : Africa Cup of Nations  Monday (08 July) 19:00 (GMT 0)

Ghana entered the 1/8 round this year with only 5 points available, but the teachers and Avram Grant were the team leading the Group F. Meanwhile, Tunisia drew in all three matches and luckily still ranked second. 2 £ E. Asian dealer so this match Ghana to accept Tunisia 0.25 left, according to the expert, should place faith in Ghana.
Ghana is no longer a scary name like it used to be, but Avram Grant's teachers are still in the top 6 of the continent and one of the 3 best-performing teams Can Cup with 4 times the championship. In the past 10 games, Ghana draws 3 and wins to 5. In the day of the tournament this year, the teachers and Avram Grant have encountered the "umbrella horse" of the tournament, Benin, but Ghana has the first half on both bases and took a 2-1 lead, but with John Boye's 54th minute red card that made Ghana lack of players and accepted the 2-2 result.
Africa Cup of Nations

In the match against Cameroon, the defending champion of the tournament, both approached the match very carefully and no goals were scored. In the most recent match against Guinea Bissau, Ghana had completely mastered the game, controlled the ball 59%, had a number of shots hit the target 3 times more than the opponent and easily had a 2-0 victory.
On the other side of the front line, Tunisia is ranked on the opponent to 25 places on the FIFA table but the price is still not as high as Ghana. In 10 games, Kanzari teachers and students lost 3 and won 4. In the group stage, Tunisia did not win a victory even if it was only a weak assessment against Angola or Mauritania. Especially in the last 3 games, Kanzari teachers and students have a performance that is not equal to the actor's when the time to control the ball as well as the chance to create is less than the opponent in the group stage.

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