Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 vs Algeria 🇩🇿

Ivory Coast - Algeria 
 Football : Africa Cup of Nations 
Thursday (11 July) 16:00 (GMT 0)

Expert opinion: Owning a star-studded squad with highly-rated names stretching across all three routes, especially public goods, Ivory Coast is considered the leading candidate for the championship. And now, the best Pepsi, Zaha or Serie Nicholas, the brightest stars in the 'Black Continent' football at the present time, have gradually brought Forest Elephants closer to the destination they aim for.
In this year's African Cup, Ivory Coast has proven its position with impressive performances. With 6 points after 3 matches, Ivory Coast won tickets to the round of 16 as a runner-up. After that, they defeated Mali with a score of 1-0 to win the ticket to the quarterfinals. However, it should be objective that Ivory Coast's performance in the past match is somewhat disappointing. Forest elephants have competed in all aspects before the opponent is considered to be inferior, which raises concerns about their championship competitiveness, especially in this round, teachers and students Coach Kamara will face a big challenge named Algeria.
Africa Cup of Nations

The journey to Algeria's quarterfinals at CAN this year is very impressive. They won all three group stage matches, winning an absolute 9 points against Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania to win tickets to round 1/8 of Guinea. Before the weaker opponent, they only took 24 minutes to score a goal, then maybe 2 more goals to win the final 3-0 and step into the quarterfinals. 4 full wins were enough for Algeria to display their strength and formally become a threat to Ivory Coast.
Ivory Coast vs Algeria is considered a well balanced match in the 2019 CAN Cup quarterfinals. Even the past is difficult to show which team is better when each team has a victory, the rest is a draw in 3 times that the two teams met. But at present, Algeria's expression is more convincing than its competitors. Algeria is considered to be more comprehensive, while Ivory Coast has situations that require help from lucky gods. It can be seen, the Ivory Coast players make fans not worry in the encounter with Algeria tonight.


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