Jamaica vs USA

Jamaica - USA 
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Thursday (04 July) 01:00 (GMT 0) 

Concacaf Gold Cup semifinals 2019 between the United States and Jamaica are the replay of the final 2 years ago. As you know, the American home team is the winner with the score 2-1 and thereby crowned the champion. Returning to tomorrow's turn, America is still highly appreciated by experts when playing at home and having a high level. Should know, before entering the semi-finals, the US retained the full performance won at Concacaf Gold Cup 2019.

Cold Cup 2019

In details, the coach and coach Berhalter won all four matches from the group stage to the quarterfinals. Notably, the national flag team scored 12 goals and is a team that has never conceded. On the other side of the field, Jamaica also kept the unbeatable form (2 wins and 2 draws). Still, looking at the quality of the squad and especially the head-to-head record, Jamaica is being ranked one rank below the US. Remember, Coach Whitmore's team lost 8 and only won 3 of the last 14 matches. Note, Jamaica lost to 5 out of 6 official matches recently to be a guest on the American court.

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