Kariobangi Sharks vs Everton FC

Despite playing well in the last 2 months (winning 8, drawing 2, losing 1), Everton only finished 8th in the Premier League in 2018/19, thereby failing to own a ticket to attend the European Cup. With the goal of not going into the car crash last season, Marco Silva and his students have started to prepare for the new season very early.

Up to now, there have been 3 new recruits landing at Goodison Park, including Jonas Lössl (Huddersfield), Sebastian Kristensen (Lyngby) and André Gomes (Barcelona). Although costing 22 million euros, Gomes's appearance is expected to bring a new wind to Everton public goods.

Like Lössl and Kristensen, Gomes was named in the list of players who traveled to Kenya to play friendly against home team Kariobangi Sharks. In Kenya, Kariobangi Sharks is not a famous team. Although they have been born for almost two decades, they have not yet been crowned at Kenyan Premier League. Particularly, the season before Kariobangi Sharks reached the 6th goal.

The force of Kariobangi Sharks is 100% internal. Due to the limited level, Kariobangi Sharks contributed only one player to the national team to attend the 2019 CAN Cup, which is goalkeeper John Oyemba. Next to Everton, it is clear that Kariobangi Sharks is inferior in all aspects, especially the human factor.

However, in this context, it is the period when coaches Marco Silva started the process of finding the feeling of playing after more than a month away from the field, Everton could hardly create victory as far as NHM's expectations. In other words, they can sing triumphs, but it is difficult to overcome truss.

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