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Vissel Kobe vs Barcelona

Barcelona will have their second friendly match in Japan this summer when they encounter Vissel Kobe. This is a very special match, because it was the reunion between Iniesta and David Villa with the old club, the team brought them a lot of titles. Of course, Iniesta's current Vissel Kobe cannot be compared to the class with the Catalan giant, even when Barca lacks a series of cult stars like Messi or Suarez.

Vissel Kobe has only one advantage in this game, which is that they can play at home. But the big loss with Vissel Kobe was that Podolski could not attend this match due to health problems. Moreover, the Vissel Kobe lineup is also unbalanced at all levels. Iniesta and David Villa were on the other side of the career slopes, although their technical background was good but fitness was not guaranteed to play at high tempo for 90 minutes.

What the Vissel Kobe shows in the J-League this season is very disappointing. In the last 3 games they have all lost and also collapsed against the rate barrier. The defensive line is the biggest weakness of Vissel Kobe. With 7 goals conceded in 3 recent matches, Vissel Kobe is hard to stand against the attack from Barca, despite the Catalan giant missing Messi and Suarez.

The Griezmann, Dembele or even Malcom are good enough to break the Vissel Kobe net. Besides, after the defeat to Chelsea, Valverde teachers and students certainly do not want to cause another disappointment, especially when the opponent is in a very poor level. Therefore, the writer believes that this match Barca is a better choice. I also look forward to the open scenario, when both sides defended well in the last few games.  

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