Lugano vs Inter Milan

Lugano - Inter Milan 
Football : Clu Friendly Matches 
 Sunday (14 July) 15:30 (GMT 0)

Inter Milan's biggest change in the summer of 2019 is the arrival of coach Antonio Conte on the bench. The reputation of the Italian strategist has been confirmed by the big teams he has led such as Juventus or Chelsea. Under the reign of Antonio Conte, Inter Milan will have a new face.
Last season, Inter Milan had an excellent fourth place. This achievement helped the Nerazzurri win a ticket to the Champions League group stage. Back in Europe, Inter Milan set great ambitions. So this series of friendly matches this summer will be the test of the power of the half-black and blue Milan.

The first friendly match of this summer, Inter Milan will advance to Lugano. This is the team playing in the Swiss National League. Last season, Lugano finished third and won the Europa League group stage. However, in terms of class, form and head-to-head, the Swiss team can not match Inter Milan.
In the past, Lugano and Inter Milan had 4 confrontations, all of which were friendly matches. Inter Milan won their last two matches in 2018 and 2016. Lugano also had a triumphant match against the opponent in the 2011 match.

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