Luzern vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Luzern - Eintracht Frankfurt
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Friday (12 July) 18:00 (GMT 0)
Football experts say Luzern will face Frankfurt in the second series of Uhren Cup annual friendly. This is the 55th time this tournament has been held and guests include Luzern, Frankfurt, Crystal Palace and Young Boys.
In particular, Luzern and Young Boys have the advantage of host when the Uhren Cup is held in Switzerland. 4 teams will play round 1 round and the team with the most points will be the champion. Each win will help the team to get 3 points and the penalty will have 2 points.
In the first match, Luzern drew Palace after 90 minutes and then lost on the shootout. Meanwhile, Frankfurt failed miserably 1-5 before Young Boys. Frankfurt was led by Young Boys to 5 goals and only got Kamada's meritorious goal in 86 minutes.

Clearly, it was an embarrassing defeat of Frankfurt. Adi Hutter teachers and students needed a victory to support their hopes of winning the championship, while regaining their face. Before Luzern, Frankfurt will have a great opportunity to reach its goal.
Because Luzern is just the mid-level team of Switzerland and their level is much lower than Frankfurt's. Coach Hutter also brings a lot of players like Kostic, Rebic, Joveljic or De Guzman to Uhren Cup. Just toss these players into the yard, Frankfurt will get victory over Luzern.

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