Mali 🇲🇱 vs Ivory Coast 🇨🇮

Mali - Ivory Coast 
 Football : Africa Cup of Nations  Monday (08 July) 16:00 (GMT 0)

Mali entered the eighth round as the best in Group E. In particular, they were 4 to 4 points higher than the 2nd.This achievement is clearly commendable.
However, the situation before the national team entered the final series with Angola was much more stressful.All four names have the opportunity to go on and Mali needs to win at least 1 point to make sure.
In front of an Angolan with a too-cohesive lineup, they failed to imposes play.All indicators of both sides are very balanced.
This national team was the first to open the score in 37 minutes but they had to struggle to reserve the results.The plan on the ball later proved quite deadlocked.
Africa Cup of Nations

In a draw against Tunisia and a few previous friendly matches, the situation is not too different.Not having much time for Mali can make significant changes in the gameplay.
On the other side of the battle line, the Ivory Coast owners the defensive defensive line.They passed the group stage with only conceding 2 goals.

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